I am a Virtual Assistant

I am a Virtual Assistant! Not a bot!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Typically an office assistant, working remotely, not in the office of the organisation they are contracted to. The full definition can be found on the home page here
In conversation the question I get asked the most when talking about my job is…
What do I do?

“This is me, a Virtual Assistant (VA)!”

In order to delve into the “what do I do” you need to get to know me a little, and understand that for me writing a blog is a little daunting (actually quite a lot), but here goes…
To blog or not to blog? Am I a writer or am I not? Of course, I am a writer – I am a Virtual Assistant and therefore is it not obvious, I write all the time?

Hello! E-mails are the backbone of a VA’s day!  However, we need to understand, as a VA our work is for clients and therefore our name is not always attached to it – but we are still writing.
It has been
suggested, to me that,  I am not much of a writer – maybe I don’t write in that reader’s style, or watch out a little controversial, maybe it is micro-management on the clients part! I make no apologies for writing in an authentically “me” way.  

Having been an assistant now for over 25 years, in one guise or another, whether personal, executive or virtual, I have been writing letters/emails/presentations, faxes (back in the day!) and so much more for corporate-level executives during that time.  I’ll tell you what you need to be able to write to sit and fit in those positions.  We are all talented, we all have our own personalities and we need to let this shine and be authentic in the words we write for ourselves and clients.

Yes, [lightbulb moment] first and foremost we are writers, creators really, and generally get the job doner’s [done-r]: yes, that is me phrase – there will be a few!   

A key element of being a VA is to work with clients to “get them” and their business – meaning understanding them, their business and their style, likes and dislikes.  With this knowledge translating copy into that particular client’s way becomes easier.

What a VA can do for you?

On the other hand, how long is a piece of string? A VA can probably do it all, we are not experts in every field and nor should we be.  We are each equipped with all the innate tools to get it done, even if it means sharing the workload, so one VA may create your digital content, while another may write the copy and another may actually get it out into the world, promoting it to attract clients to you. 

The Changing perception of an EA

For most of my working life, I have been an assistant, throw me a task and I will get it done kind of girl. 

What does a VA do? – there is that question again! 

In the glorious 1990s (they were only a few years back, right?) you got up with the alarm suited and booted and headed out to the office.  Working in London with directors who were futuristic and realised that commute time could be better used, working from home 2 days a week was a real feature.  

Nowadays working remotely is more common and accepted.   Virtual Assistants are now also more commonplace.  Real people complete agreed-on tasks but work away from the office of the organisation they are contracted to.

Find a VA today
Could outsourcing work for you?  What about a VA?  Starting to make sense, isn’t it?  Do you find that at some point in your working week, there are not enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks you have on your list, right? Sound like you?

What is the 1st thing you would happily outsource?

Social Media scheduling or content, your website updates, diary or email management and document creation are but a few.   I can guarantee you that there is a VA out there to cover all tasks you might require. 

Still, struggling with “what can a VA do?

Receive my 52 tasks to outsource to a VA CHECKLIST (one for every week of the year, including your holidays!)  direct to your inbox HERE.

Take a moment, what do you need to be done? What is the one thing that you would love to not have to do?

Above all, this is what a VA does, takes away that frustration and daily tussles.  Giving you back time to focus on what you WANT to (and need to), whether revenue generation or growth. It has to be a win-win, when you hire a VA!

Looking for a VA? Check out the NZ VA network directory here.

 A note from the author!

“Thanks for reading, this was originally penned at the end of 2020, it has only taken nearly 2 years to publish,  it is not perfect, but I hope it was an enjoyable read. ”  T x

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