virtual assistant

Digital Content Creator

Making your visual content look fabulous.

Let your business shine. Remove the overwhelm and focus on growth.
Harness the potential of hiring a New Zealand based Virtual Assistant,
who will take care of your content creation.

Tania DeJonge - Creative VA | Virtually There

"Calling into your Virtual World"

creative support for your business

Virtually There for you, creating websites & visual marketing

Eye-catching content allows your business to stand out from the crowd, attracting sales and enhancing your profile. Does your visual content need jujing up?

Whether for the internet or print we back the creativity with systems and processes to make the visual content rock, Virtually There offers the whole package.

What Virtually There offers

Services you can outsource my way to release your time


Need a Brochure or a Business Card?
Creating your marketing assets, ensuring they look fabulous.

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Creating and maintaining Websites, Social Media, videos, Newsletters and more.

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Virtual Assistant and Business Support allrounders. Virtually There can assist with all things admin.

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KJ_Big Sky Wines

Tania is reliable and pr0fessional in all that she does….

Katherine Jacobs

co-Owner of big sky wines

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Do you have a task or project you don't have the time or energy for?
Working online and remotely a VA can complete the tasks that either you don't have time for or simply do not want to do!
Working only the hours you need.

What can I do for you?

How long is a piece of string! We won't know the answer until we chat and understand what your business needs are.  Needless to say you may not know how I can help until we talk. Get in touch for a free, no obligation 20 minute talk about your needs.

Do you have capacity now?

All service based businesses like to be full. A Virtual Assistant is no different.
Get in touch and let's talk about your needs and my capacity now and going forward.

Nothing is impossible, but it may take some work!

Do you want to increase your digital profile? Get in contact today!

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