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Conferences | company retreats | Workshops

Bringing communities together

Ignite your event with energy!

Unleash the full potential of hiring a Freelance Event Manager to infuse exhilaration into your events, allowing you to maintain business as usual.



Greetings! I’m Tania, virtually there in your office, ready to generate the momentum you need to captivate your clients with an extraordinary event.

Virtually There will weave captivating moments and mesmerizing content into your event. Work with me and trust my creative expertise to leave attendees craving more.

From start to finish, your event(s) can exude innovation and energy. Let’s embark on a journey of limitless possibilities and create a lasting impact.

Buckle up for a Kiwi magic-infused event!

"Virtually There in your office, working alongside you to create events
that help your communities work smarter !"

Event Management & Creative Services


From dates to debriefing and everything in between. Conferences, Group seminars, Networking gatherings, Gala dinners, Speaking events and more.

Sponsorship and funding specialist.

Get your event online; registrations, ticketing, programme, merchandise & delegate communications.
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Creating and maintaining Websites, Social Media, Video, Newsletters and more.

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Need an Annual Report a prospectus, a brochure, or a Business Card?

Creating your marketing assets, ensuring they look fabulous.

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KJ_Big Sky Wines

Tania is reliable and pr0fessional in all that she does….

Katherine Jacobs

co-Owner of big sky wines

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t see the answer to your question. tania@virtuallythereoffice.co.nz

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Do you have a task or project you don't have the time or energy for?
Working online and remotely a VA can complete the tasks that either you don't have time for or simply do not want to do!
Working only the hours you need.

What can I do for you?

How long is a piece of string! We won't know the answer until we chat and understand what your business needs are.  Needless to say you may not know how I can help until we talk. Get in touch for a free, no obligation 20 minute talk about your needs.

Do you have capacity now?

All service based businesses like to be full. A Virtual Assistant is no different.
Get in touch and let's talk about your needs and my capacity now and going forward.

Nothing is impossible, but it may take some work!

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